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Cardboard City 2023

Saturday, October 14

First Presbyterian Church

502 N. 8th Street in Manitowoc

Join us as we gather for a presentation on homelessness in our community, hear personal stories of overcoming homelessness, and how our organizations work to help those struggling. Listen to some good music, play outdoor games and enjoy the connection of our community making a difference to serve those in need.


Unfortunately, many communities including ours have seen an unprecedented increase in homelessness due to after effects of the pandemic, a lack of affordable and accessible housing, and closing of businesses affecting people’s jobs and childcare. This also results on our average length of stay increasing for our families. Homelessness is an issue that is caused by poverty, broken family relationships and multiple circumstances. Everyone's story is unique.


Sleep in a cardboard box, pitch a tent, or sleep in your car to bring awareness to homelessness, or you may join us for the presentation and choose not to stay overnight.


The minimum pledge is only $20 and every single dollar helps us serve those in need. Hope House, The Haven, and Habitat for Humanity provide shelter and resources to assist those experiencinghomelessness in our community. The partnership between these three non-profit organizations means that those most in need in our community are able to get the help they need.

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A Homeless Experience Event benefiting:

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Where & When:  

The program runs from 5pm-10pm on October 14th, with those choosing to stay overnight (optional) through 8am on October 15th.

How to Participate

Your company, business, family, group, or organization can be a part of this event.

Here’s what you do:

  • Download and fill out the participation form below. 

  • Collect donations and pledges to support your efforts from your family, friends and neighbors. Minimum pledge is $20.

  • OptionalSleep outside overnight in a cardboard box home, a tent, or in your car at First Presbyterian Church on October 14, or join us for the program only from 5-10pm.

  • Mail or drop off completed forms and donations to The Haven at 1003 Marshall Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220. *Please ensure it is labeled for Cardboard City. All proceeds will be divided evenly amongst the three organizations


  • Each participant will recieve a Cardboard City T-shirt. T-shirt sizes of participants will need to be received by September 15th.

  • Donations and pledge forms will need to be marked for Cardboard City and dropped off on or before October 14th.


If you are participating in our Event Night on October 14th, please sign and bring these forms:

Become a Sponsor!

Our Sponsors

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Kaysun Corporation

The Cawley Company


Shipbuilder's Credit Union

Newton Meats

St. Thomas the Apostle Church

Custom Health Pharmacy

Carron Net Company, Inc.

Hamman Construction Inc.

Manitowoc Ice

City of Manitowoc

Visit Manitowoc

Seehafer News

Community Quotes

“For me Habitat for Humanity is stability where there used to be helplessness.  Habitat builds community through its local volunteers working side by side with my family.  I’ve grown as a person with Habitat, receiving independence and self-advocacy skills, as these are expectations for the homeowners.  They are taught by people in our own community that remain role models and friends. Habitat built strength in our family by having the whole family involved in the building process.  Habitat makes me feel valued. The respect that I am treated with from my Habitat family is the same respect I have brought up both my kids with!  Habitat for Humanity took away the helplessness and replaced it with strength, pride, and an appreciation for my community and a desire to be a part of it!    

- Janet, Habitat Homeowner

“Since leaving the Haven I’ve started a small drywall business, gained full custody of my teenage daughter, and am proud to be a homeowner along with my seriously loving and supportive fiancé. The accountability and hard work ethic that The Haven instilled in my life have changed my life, but more importantly, change my attitude and outlook upon the  world around me.”

- Nate, former guest of The Haven

“I’m not sure what our family would have done if Hope House hadn’t been here to help us. We are extremely grateful and thankful to have received so much help and to have been presented the opportunity to work this amazing program – which not only helped us to achieve and maintain structure and stability within our lives but also presents new opportunities and tools to change and better our futures.”

– Erica and family, former guests of Hope House

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