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Manitowoc County, are you ready to pedal?

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We're excited to invite you to be a part of our 1st annual Pedal for Hope at Holy Family Memorial's Wellness Center! This is the only one of it's kind in the Manitowoc area and is Hope House's signature fundraising event.

WHERE: Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center

WHEN: Coming in Fall 2020!


WHAT: Teams of ten will raise money and ride in the event, competing for prizes and cheering each other on all while helping the homeless in our community. Each rider is asked to raise at least $100 and each team has a goal of $1,000. Riders pedal for ten minutes while their team cheers them, fans them, and encourages them.

WHO: All community members are encouraged to participate, the inexperienced riders to the expert cyclists. We will have HFMWC staff available to help ensure your ride is safe. The ultimate goal is to have fun and raise money. Ride at a leisurely pace and take breaks as you need to, or challenge yourself to get the farthest in 10 minutes. Be safe, have fun and help Hope House!

FUNDRAISING TIPS:  Riders can get donations from friends or family members. Get donations from folks in the area or ask for donationsfrom outside of our community by reaching out on your social media pages. Out of the area donors can go online or through Venmo to donate and it will be credited to your team/rider as long as they put the team name and Pedal for Hope in the description and your donation sheet shows their amount.

Teams can do fundraisers, too, such as bake sales, car washes, or restaurant nights to raise team money.

TEAM THEME: Create a team theme compelte with costumes and/or props for at the event! Show us your STYLE. Be as creative or simple as you would like. Maybe you want a sports themed team "Polly's Packer Pedalers" decked out in green and gold.  Maybe you want to glam it up as the "Roarin' 20's Riders". The team theme possibilities are endless!

WHY RIDE? The families and individuals we serve at Hope House is the real reason to ride in this event. As much fun as this event promises to be, the real winners are those living in poverty and experiencing homelessness in Manitowoc County.


Hope House served nearly 80 people in 2019 experiencing homelessness. We assisted families and individuals in accessing community resources, finding employment, enrolling their children in school or childcare, and of course, provided a safe place to sleep while helping them search for suitable permanent housing.


As we lift up those in this community who need it most, the rest of our community thrives and grows stronger too.


Pedal for Hope is for all of us! Please accept our invitation and join us in this stationary bike race.

Coming Fall 2020

Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center

JOIN IN THE FUN! Watch for more details coming soon.

Interested in Sponsoring the Event?

Email for more information.

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