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Individual Moving Day
  • Individual Moving Day


    The day has come to move out! Each individual has spent time working towards their goals and organizing a list of their move-out needs. From silverware and dinner plates, to cleaning supplies, and furniture, everyone's needs are different. Each individual is responsible for paying the first month's rent and security deposit, as well as any previous utility debt. During an individual's stay at Hope House, she will meet with her case manager to develop a budget and will receive referrals for rental assistance and utility assistance to prepare for the BIG DAY. Everyone's situation is different. For those who have been without stable housing for a significant amount of time, individuals may have a hard time adjusting to life in their new home. Their case manager is still available to work with their clients even after securing permanent housing. The Hope House After-Care Program is designed to continue to work on the individual's goals and needs during their transition. An individual's moving day can be a difficult day when they move into a new apartment without the items that they need. Please help them by making this transition just a little bit easier!


      We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Each donor will receive a tax deductible thank you letter for your records. 

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