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Family Moving Day
  • Family Moving Day


    A lot goes into helping a family from the first day they enter shelter to the day they move out. Not only does a family need at least a first month’s rent and security deposit, but utilities will need to be current and caught up.  All of that before the family can even set foot in their new place. Our guest families work on these goals and more during their stay at Hope House.  They are able to work with case managers who help them budget, set goals, and find resources while having a safe place to call their temporary home. Once that is taken care of, there is furniture, bedding, cookware, towels, and everything needed to ensure a family’s first night in their new home isn’t spent sleeping on the floor or eating precooked food from cans. At Hope House, we help provide all the necessities for a family to move into their home, which may include these items as well as movers to get it there. Donate today to help a family start their new life in their new home.


      We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Each donor will receive a tax deductible thank you letter for your records. 

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